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Daiwa reels are uniquely strong. The fishing implements also function consistently and are lightweight. The fishing reel company has innovative technology that other providers have been unable to duplicate. Daiwa produces various reel styles to ensure that you can fish for your preferred fish species. 

Please use the above carousel to link to Daiwa spinning, baitcasting, saltwater and electric reels. From the website, you can also link to Amazon for reel pricing information, reviews and pictures. Be sure to check our Fishing Reel Buyer’s Guide page for reel selection and maintenance tips. Also, our comparison chart will help you select the best Daiwa reel model for you. 

Reasons to Select Daiwa Fishing Reels 

Since the Daiwa Company’s mottos are “Feel Alive” and “expressing the joy that fishing brings,” you know that the company is passionate about their products. Furthermore, during the 1970s, Daiwa became the world’s largest fishing tackle company. When you begin fishing with a Daiwa reel, you’ll appreciate the device’s fluid winding action. 

A Brief History 

In 1955, Daiwa introduced its first spinning reel. Today, the company is one of the most dominant fishing tackle brands in the world. The Daiwa Company began in Japan, and it gradually expanded into Europe and the United States during the mid-1970s. In fact, the company built production sites in France, Germany and Taiwan as well as in the United States. Yoshio Matsui invented the reel and opened the company. His goal was to create quality-fishing equipment that combined technological advancements with appealing design elements. 

Daiwa Fishing Reel Considerations 

While shopping for Daiwa spinning reels, be sure to gauge the way that the reel winds. Specifically, look for smoothness and consistent tension. You should also like the reel’s appearance, and make sure that the cost fits comfortably in your budget. 

Why Daiwa Reels are Ideal for Fishing 

Daiwa reels provide heavy-duty power that the company blends with modern enhancements to give you memorable fishing experiences. With a Daiwa reel, your casts and retrieves will be fluid. Also, the company lets you customize your reel with up to 20 fine-tuning options in three modes. In fact, if you purchase a reel with Daiwa’s 3D Cast Control System, then you’ll have 60 different control stages, which will let you cast in various weather conditions and locales. It also allows you to calibrate your cast control quickly and completely. 

Types of Daiwa Reels

Daiwa makes spinning, baitcasting, saltwater and electric reels:

With one of the company’s spinning reels, you’ll have a device that features high performance drag combined with stainless steel and Teflon washers for longevity.

Daiwa’s baitcasting reel models feature larger spool sections to hold more fishing line while the low profile versions are built for easy use. They are also more ergonomic, so if you have trouble with your hands, wrists or arms, then consider purchasing any of these models.

The company’s Saltiga model is one of the best saltwater fishing reels that you can buy. In fact, Daiwa won the ICAST award in 2011 for the reel. The reel is also designed to perform with today’s braided lines.

Daiwa’s electric reels provide extra power by using a 12-volt battery. Deep-water fishing can challenge your stamina, but with an electric reel, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your day out on the water. Furthermore, you’ll still have the opportunity to fight a big sport fish as the device will pull in the kite and let you do the rest. Electric Daiwa reels cost more. However, they include technological advancements like a stopping sensor when the lure reaches the surface as well as a digital readout of the line. 

Quality and Price Considerations

Daiwa reels are affordable since many models are less than $100. However, plan to spend more for the company’s advanced versions. In fact, the style can cost more than $500. When you buy an inexpensive fishing reel, you may have to buy a new one after just a few years of use, so consider investing in a high-quality model. Also, you may have a better time fishing with a quality device since it is unlikely to fail when you are winding in a fish.

The Mechanics and Features of Daiwa Reels 

Multiple Daiwa reel types

While considering the many Daiwa reels for sale, be sure to assess each unit’s mechanics to buy a reel that has your preferred features. The company’s features include mag sealing, which keeps saltwater, debris and regular water out of your reel’s interior elements to extend the life of your reel.

Some of Daiwa’s reels are made from corrosion resistant Zaion carbon materials. Since Daiwa builds the reel from carbon materials, the fish-catching device is lightweight but strong. The product design also makes it sensitive. Therefore, you’ll feel even minor bumps from fish that are tempted by your bait. 

Additional reel features and materials include aluminum spools and frames, stainless steel gears and ball bearings made from corrosion resistant materials. Daiwa reels also have stainless steel and bronze alloy gears. Another feature to look for in Daiwa reels is the easy maintenance setup. The design style allows you to loosen one screw to rotate the sideplate. You can then pop the spool out to clean it. 

When shopping for a reel, review the benefits of Daiwa’s free-floating spool. Once you shift the reel into the casting mode, it detaches from the drive train to give you more tossing strength and sturdiness.

The company has also begun to upgrade its handles to decrease wobbling and provide more winding leverage. You can also purchase a reel that offers left and right hand retrieves. 

Daiwa’s Catalog 

Daiwa’s product catalog is extensive as the company develops tackle, lures and fishing accessories along with reels. The company’s popular reel models include the Steez, Lexa and Ballistic among others:

Daiwa Steez Spinning Reel: The Lightest Reels Of Their Kind

  • The Steez model has all of Daiwa’s performance advancements and features. Furthermore, the model’s streamlined appearance is sure to capture the attention of your fellow anglers.
  • The Lexa model is available in different styles, and the design features edition numbers such as 100 and 300. The Daiwa Lexa 100 model is a casting reel that is equipped for light lures while the 300 model is a sturdy device that will let you cast heavier baits to tempt larger fish. According to experts, the Lexa model is ideal for inshore fishing, but you can take it offshore if you prefer a smaller reel that can handle bigger game.
  • If you’re interested in owning an advanced reel, then you may prefer the Ballistic model as it has the company’s state-of-the-art T-Wing SiC Casting System. The updated feature will let you cast out to greater distances and with more accuracy. 
  • The company produces reels that are designed specifically for the Japanese market. For instance, the Daiwa JDM Certate spinning reel is an edition that the company sells to Japanese anglers. However, you may be able to buy one online. If you purchase the reel model, then you’ll receive a device that Daiwa constructs from Japanese parts and materials.

The JDM Certate reel will provide a fluid performance, and it is likely to last for many years when you care for it properly. The model features Machine Cut Digigear II gearing as well as Tough Drive Gear to give you major reeling power. Also, the unit’s high-tech Air Rotor is lighter than mechanisms manufactured by other reel companies. With the lighter rotor, you’ll gain better reel balance and rotation. The company also focused on the spool section by using Cross Wrap Technology, which gives you line management for lightweight and braid lines. Daiwa also included its Mag-Seal feature to prevent water from entering the reel’s interior mechanisms. 

Daiwa Fishing Reel Reviews 

Once you begin shopping for reels, you’ll surely read plenty of Daiwa reel reviews. In fact, comments made by fellow anglers can help you choose a reel as experienced fishermen frequently provide tips and suggestions. 


Daiwa reels will help you keep your freezer full of fish. Furthermore, the company’s reel production experience and attention to construction detail will provide you with a reel that you may one day use to teach your grandchildren how to fish.